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WOULD YOU BLAST YOUR ADS TO MILLIONS? read this shocking revelation about the ILL effects of blasting your ads to millions of sites...

You might be looking for a place to blast your ads to millions. I've seen this over and over again. I can't blame you. I was once like you and to tell you honestly, blasting ads to thousands or millions sometimes work.

Yes sometimes and that was back in the old days of the internet. My problem with this traffic strategy is that its not for the long haul.

And yet people still wants to blast their ads to millions of people like you even though it is most often the most expensive way of advertising a website.. Why? Because they desperately need web site traffic. And not just website traffic. Webmasters and website owners agree that they really need good quality and real eyeball traffic. Thus blasting ads is a very attractive option. But is it the solution?

This website aims to enlighten website owners and webmasters about the pros and cons of blasting your ads to millions and why you should avoid it for the long term.

So how do you go about generating quality targeted website traffic for the long haul?

Yeah, website traffic is the lifeline of any online business and any website for that matter. Without visitors, your website has a very slim chance of survival amongst the millions of webpages and domains worldwide. There's no use of building one without someone to see it. It doesn't make sense.

Like most offline businesses, you need people coming in and out your doors and spending money for you to sustain your business and make a decent profit. Most people blast their ads to millions in every corner of the street or every advertising page they can find.

This is often a very tedious process. Luckily however, getting traffic "of people visiting your website" and blasting your ads to millions can be a lot easier to do online than with a regular brick and mortar store.

Here is the best way to increase high quality eyeball traffic to your websites instead of blasting your ads to millions:

Maximize the use of Search Engines - Search engine optimization (SEO)is still the best way to increase visitors to your site. This by far the best and the brightest strategy you can make for the long term. The reason is simple - search engines bring high quality and live (alive and kicking) visitors to your websites.

The trick is to make your site search engine optimized. Optimization means that your page is ready to be taken by the search engine as a relevant site for the subject matter you have chosen. You have to make sure you have a large amount of unique and relevant content on your site. Search engines like Google love relevant and unique content that their searchers and readers will find useful and informative.

So instead of looking to find ways to blast your ads to millions, try to provide as much information and value in your content pages as much as possible. But don't forget to place everything you write on different pages of your web site.

This will help your site to be regarded as an "authority" online for the subject or topic you have chosen and can lead to a higher placement in search engine result pages. Increased search engine rankings as you know will result to increased website traffic. Increase web site visitors will then become potential customers for your online business.

so What is the best advertising strategy online?

The best advertising strategy for me and for many other webmaster is search engine optimization (AKA SEO). This is because Traffic from search engines are generally highly targeted and good quality.

And the best part is that search engine traffic is completely free. Although blasting your ads to millions might be free and easy, it doesn't provide long term benefits to you unlike the search engines. When you blast your ads to millions, they are normally one-time transactions like buying banner ads or solo newsletter ads or pay-per click campaigns from other relevant websites. It also does not guaranty you any business since you are not sure that you people will like what you offer.

The beauty of the search engine traffic is that it is based on customer needs and wants. The searcher on the search engines might be a buyer or a potential buyer looking around for the things he needs. So if your site is found via the search engines, it is highly likely that people will see your websites looking for something.

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Blasting Ads to Millions and Search Engine Optimization are two basic examples of pull and push marketing strategies.

As you were aware, PULL Marketing is better than PUSH marketing in the sense that in Pull Marketing, the advertiser is giving less effort, less resources and less time to promote his ads whereas the PUSH marketing is the reverse.

I'm sure you know now that the PULL marketing here is Search Engine Optimization. And it has longer effect than blasting your way out to others. Therefore, it is the best there is so far in the industry today.

However, search engine optimization is not an easy task. It requires skill, continuous learning, determination and stamina to keep up with the changes the search engines are doing periodically on their system. Blasting your ads to millions is not recommended but you can try.

Search engine traffic is the best traffic a website owner can ever have. Its inexpensive way to advertise your websites and it would be best if you know how to do it yourself.

Invest in search engine traffic optimization. Its worth it than to blast your ads to millions..

Good Luck,


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